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About my other passion: photography.

Besides languages I have developed a passion for painting with light - photography. To be honest, I have always enjoyed taking pictures and collected them for albums so that I can look at them later and bring back old memories.

It happened years ago that I decided to invest more time and money into this hobby. I still remember the first visit with my new DSLR to the botanical garden in Vienna. I simply lost track of time. I felt like the beauty of the structures ...and colors ...and patterns ...and endless details of nature surrounding me transported me to another dimension, a completely different, hidden world, where only those can enter who are able to fully appreciate the abundance of mesmerizing visual nuances.

For example, when you notice the light falling a certain way on a single leaf and how it reveals its intricate patterns to your eyes...and the lens of your camera.

It takes loads of practice to be able capture that specific way of seeing in that moment in an image. I still often think that it is impossible to do it completely. I am working on my process of capturing these moments and scenes to be able to show it to a viewer.

However, photography is not about the end result for me, it is not the image that matters most.

I get pleasurably lost and transported away there and then as I observe and take in the details, scents, colors, light and life around me. The most important aspects are the conscious presence and attentive observation, the opening of senses and the calming of thoughts.

I can recommend trying to reach that state of being to anyone. Discovering the beauty of nature and cultivating a sense of appreciation, awe and wonder when being outside is such valuable experience and such urgent necessity - especially when the time we can spend in a natural environment is limited.

And if you really want to understand what I mean - do it alone! You don`t even need a camera, but it definitely enhances your ability to observe and enables you to notice more.

After many years of practice I often catch myself feeling that the camera has become a part of me - an extension of my senses and my mind. It allows me to see the tiniest details - like the patterns in the wings of a bee as the light of the setting sun shines through or it allows me to close in on a set of details far away in the sky - like a glider sailing towards a snowy mountain range.

These moments are captured in my mind almost as acutely as in the images - but no image can ever convey the feeling of freedom and the depth of awe and wonder I tend to feel when I go out and take pictures.

Pictures may say a thousand words, but being in the moment with all your senses is the true treasure.

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